Tom Waits - Innocent When You Dream

Tom Waits - Innocent When You Dream

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Tom Waits is the master of spinning a yarn and his songs full of unbridled ecstatic melancholy. This Limited Edition Tom Waits Art Print is only available on with Free Worldwide Shipping.

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"And it's such a sad old feeling
All the fields are soft and green
It's memories that I'm stealing
But you're innocent when you dream
When you dream
You're innocent when you dream, when you dream
You're innocent when you dream”

'Innocent When You Dream” - 'Franks Wild Years'



Tom Waits is one of a kind. His unique view of the world, his ridiculously good cameo appearances and his awe inspiring lyrics make him a treasure in the world of music. His songs are so finely crafted they will make you feel the chill of the lonely streets at night or the crushing of long grass under your bare feet. The man is nothing short of special and there will never be another one like him. This Limited Edition Tom Waits art print is only available here on

These prints are available in several sizes but there are a limited number of full size A1 prints. Make sure you are one of the lucky 200 to own this fantastic piece of Tom Waits inspired art.

This is a wonderful Giclée Fine Art Print which are adored by visual artists and art lovers the world over. Giclée have a handmade feel, they are vibrant, bold and will look stunning in your home.

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The perfect gift for any Tom Waits fan!


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Tom Waits has always been a major influence on me both musically and artistically.

When I was at college I was raking my way through a bargain bucket of CD’s in the local record store, looking for nothing in particular when I pulled out from the very bottom the Tom Waits album “Rain Dogs.” I managed to make it to to track number four, “Jockey Full of Bourbon” before I had to switch it off and go grab my guitar. I had never and to some extent still haven’t heard anything like Tom Waits. Often imitated but never replicated and Lord knows I’ve tried!

I got the chance to see him live at the Edinburgh Playhouse back in 2008, his first tour in 17 years. It was unlike any gig I have ever been to. For one everyone was sitting.

Were talking about a man who beatboxes onto a tape recorder while the bathroom and had Les Claypool from Primus is his band at one point. His show was always going to be different. One of the highlights for me was when he played “Innocent When You Dream” and the whole theatre sang with him. it never made it to the live Glitter and Doom album which to me is a Greek tragedy waiting to happen.


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